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Looking for a bedroom decor ideas for your boys? Why not trying a mickey mouse bedroom decor? Mickey mouse is a famous Disney character loved by every children in the world. He is cute, funny, and joyful in every TV show your boys are watching everyday. Making his favorite cartoon character in his bedroom can be one of the greatest gift you can give to your son. Besides, decorating your son’s room can be a great chance to experiment with colors and patterns. Once you successfully deal with it in your son’s bedroom, you can always start decorating other rooms too. More than that, Mickey mouse character can go with children of all ages. So no matter how old your son is, he will absolutely like it. All you need to know is just how you can deal with the difference between the kid’s room and the teen’s one. Here is some tips on how to do that. Mickey Mouse Bedroom for Kids                            It will be a lot easier to do a mickey mouse room decorations for a boy kid. This is partly because you will easily find many cute mickey mouse furniture which can meet your boy kid’s fantasy since mickey mouse is a very popular bedroom design in the world. As the first step, you can always choose bold color as the wall’s basic tone. However, this is not the option you can have. You can color the wall in several color as long as it match. Once you have finished the wall painting, you can put some mickey mouse stickers or clock on the wall. Mickey Mouse Bedroom for Teen Decorating your teenage son’s bedroom is a little bit harder and that is why mickey mouse character is one of the perfect choice for it. Many teenage boys love mickey mouse and still find it cool for their bedroom decor. Once your teenage son agree to decorate his bedroom with mickey mouse character, you can always go with the classic mickey mouse character because this will not give the room a babyish look. For the color selection, picking pale color can be a great choice, such as sky blue or soft green. When it comes to teenage boy’s bedroom, try to make everything look simple. Do not put a lot of ornaments or furniture. At the end of the day, decorating a bedroom can be a fun activity. So what are you waiting for? You can do your mickey mouse for boys room decorating ideas plan right now.

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