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Indian wedding decoration ideas with asian wedding decoration ideas with simple indian wedding decorations with wedding stage gallery
Indian wedding decoration ideas offer you a number of fabulous themes of your wedding celebration. The Indian wedding has high aesthetic value besides its beauty decoration. It usually combines bright colors such as maroon and gold to give glamorous ambience of Indian royal wedding. Another characteristic of Indian wedding is the use of flowers. It is not Indian without flower, right? Thus, here are some examples of Indian wedding theme that might be an inspiration for you.

Indian Wedding Theme

By now, Indian wedding decoration ideas are varied in themes to meet the needs of the married couple. The first theme of this wedding is floral garden wedding. Indian is so famous with the use of flower in their daily activity. Thus, no wonder that this Indian wedding theme is mostly chosen since it brings the beautiful nature in. Whether outdoor or indoor, you must add as many as possible flowers or green plants to be put in every details of wedding area, such as wall, ceiling, and trellis. You can be creative too by placing a big green tree with hanging candles at the centre of the hall. For you who adore something unique, choose Rajasthani Indian wedding theme. This Indian wedding decoration ideas uses something with so colorful. Pinwheels, colorful pots, puppets, umbrella are some traditional accessories which can be painted in various color. Choose warm color as red, orange, and yellow and purple for most decoration will give intimacy and festive ambience. By this, your colorful wedding theme will be unforgettable. Although Indian wedding tend to be a traditional wedding with dramatic color, you can make something different especially for your Mehendi day. If you like something oldies, you can choose vintage theme as your Indian wedding decoration ideas. This theme will need more laces, unique accents of mirrors, pearl details and of course candle. Up to now, it is a common to held wedding with thematic style. So, decide your wedding theme by choosing one of these wonderful Indian wedding decoration ideas.

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