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Furnishing the Long and Narrow Living Room

Furnishing the Long and Narrow Living Room

Decorating ideas for living room will definitely different from one and another based on many factor such as the size of the room, the size that you want to be implemented in it, how much the furniture will be there, and many more.

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But if in this case we are going to deal with narrow and long living room then what will you do? This is kind of challenging thing when you should think about many things such as how to manage the seats in order to make it not too far even apart. The other thing is how to make the furniture in it looks normal and not kind of dwarfed. And the important one is how to make the room so comfy and cozy even though there are many seats in it.

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Well, in this article we are going to talk about furnishing the living room with long and narrow area. Are you interested? Just keep reading this article and find out the great information bellow which also can try for your modern living room ideas.

How to deal with long and narrow space for living room

Well, the expert say that divide the room into two seating groups part is the brilliant way. By doing so, you can easily to put the furniture with normal size without have to make it feel so far away. Besides, you are allowed to fill the living room with different activities as well as adding different atmosphere in each part.

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But before you decide to pick the decorating ideas for living room, you should think about what kind of activities that will be held in the living room. It is also including the TV spot or maybe you need a table for game or if you want the personal space to talk and comfortably chat. Different activities will affect the layout of the living room as well for sure.

More than one sofa

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Since you have long and narrow living room then you will need more sofa. We can say that one set of sofa is never enough. You can add lounge chairs, ottomans, and benches if it is possible and then put a bigger or longer coffee table to accommodate all seating spot.

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But you should pay attention on the color selection. Think about the harmonize colors because you can surely imagine how grumpy it will look like if there are more than three different colors of sofa. So, have you decide the decorative ideas for living room?

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