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HDD Pictures of Rubber Flooring: Pros and Cons

rubber flooring that looks like wood
Rubber flooring comes with pros and cons as how each type of material comes with its own benefits and lacks. For pros, this kind of flooring will last more about for 20 years as how it is extremely hard wearing. Then, you do not need to worry about replacing flooring project for the next 20 years. This type of flooring is also great on absorbing sounds so that you can use this not only for hardwearing nature great for heavy usage but as well as so soundproofing. Then, rubber flooring is also available in wide array of color and pattern options. In this modern era, you are provided with an abundance of options which are mostly fancy and modern, then you can easily adjust with your need, furthermore you even can buy the ones with marble effect if you love fabulous and luxurious look as how there are many options available. This kind of flooring is also commonly lightweight which will help you to easily move and place it to other rooms.

The Cons of Rubber Flooring

This kind of flooring still has some lacks. First, it has a naturally dull finish which is indeed not very pleasing. Even it can be polished; still it has a very distinctive appearance which makes this kind of flooring is indeed a very poor choice for certain rooms where many people gathered. The dull finish of rubber flooring is unavoidable which you should think the solution to conceal the impression by yourself. Other, this type of flooring is hard to clean. Rubber picks up grease stains easily and it tends to discolor when it is cleaned using detergent. It simply means that this kind of flooring is so difficult to maintain; such as using abrasive pads, the finish may fade. Rubber flooring indeed comes with pros and cons so you just need to be selective

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