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Log cabin decorating ideas will give you some wonderful guides to make a beautiful rustic themed house. Log cabin belongs to wooden material which is used in building a hut or house. The flexible character of log, which is easily match with another material or design, make some people interested for using this as a touch of their house. Those, it might become a reason why today post will discuss more about log cabin decorating ideas.

Log Cabin Decoration

As it is said earlier, log will be easily matched once it is paired with another design or material. Thus, the first log cabin decoration to go is by combining log cabin with the stone paneling wall. The accent of log can be gained from either ceiling or flooring. Meanwhile, the stone paneling wall is used to give another natural touch, which is so essential in making a country feeling toward the house. Applying different materials is an example of log cabin decorating ideas that can be practically done by you. Another log cabin decoration that is recommended to you is by applying glass wall. Glass as the modern accent will make this fusion looks so outstanding. The combination of log cabin and glass will add the space of room, so it is suitable for those whose hunt is limited. The glass wall is going to allow the direct sunlight in midday and enable you to see the sky on the night. This log cabin decorating ideas which are combined with glass wall looks so magnificent. Overall, log cabin will give a vision of a rustic themed house. It is not only warm but also stunning all the day. The flexibility of wood attracts many people to use this as their house decorations. It can be combined with both modern furnishing like glass wall and also natural touch such as stone paneling. We can see it is quite simple to design a log cabin house with those above log cabin decorating ideas.

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