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HDD Pictures of Bedroom With Minnie Mouse Character

Minnie mouse bedroom decor is mickey and minnie decorations is minnie mouse home decor is minnie mouse nursery decor
When it comes to your daughter’s room make-over, minnie mouse bedroom decor is the answer. Minnie mouse is one of the most loveable disney character loved by every little girls in the world. She is gorgeous, cute, pretty, and funny. Her outfit is always outstanding. Plus, she is a pinky sweetheart which is one of the reason why many girls love her. Besides, decorating your daughter’s room can be a lot of fun. However, do not forget to take into account your daughter’s personality before you decide to decorate her minnie mouse bedroom set. This is because a girl’s bedroom is not always relegated to all-over pinky stuffs. This is more than just that. Even though you pick minnie mouse as the central character, it is important that you should consider to put some other color into her room. Here is why some tips to help you design your daughter’s room.

Find the Color Scheme

It is very important that you pay a lot more attention on the color scheme. Decorating kids’ room can be a chance to experiment with color. Once you are successful to mix and match in your daughter’s room, you can start re-decorating other rooms at your house afterwards. Minnie mouse character can match with other color than pink, such as soft blue, pale green, lilac, or even soft red. Some color expert and home designer think that some color, such as pink and yellow are not the best option, unless these color are your daughter’s favorite one. This is primarily because it gives a quite babyish look into the room and once your daughter grow up, it will not look cute anymore for her. Try to find the color which can go both with your minnie mouse bedroom decorations ideas and the future plan.

Consider Other Furniture’s Color Too

More often than not, many people used to forget that the color balance of the kids’ room is very important. Hence, finding the color scheme of the wall is not the only homework to do. Once you decide to decorate your daughter’s room, make sure that other furniture’s color can blend with the wall’s color tone. It is not necessarily the same color, but at least find the one which can match the tone. Plus, bright carpets on the floor are bad ideas. Why? Because once your daughter ask you to change its room’s color, then the carpet will not match with whatever color she wants. As long as you consider these things mentioned, your daughter will love the minnie mouse room decor you have made!

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